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Here's a slideshow of works I think need some more attention! I periodically raid this collection for journal features.

My Groups

Art-Academy-Users is my Art Academy group! We're devoted to the Nintendo Art Academy games and art created with them!

Poketopia is one of the largest Pokemon groups on Deviantart! I'm the new kid there, but I've been hard at work sorting and managing its galleries. :)

LiteraryFanFiction is devoted to fanfiction with deeper meaning and higher quality, and we have a weekly prompt for short fanfics. Most of my short fics are because of this group.

Liwick-Fc is a Litwick fan group I recently took over. I'd love to see it thrive!

dA-Junkies is a group dedicated to feeding people's dA addictions! Or, put more simply, keeping the site interesting and easy to use for everyone. We've just relaunched; watch out for more fun soon!

How harshly do you judge the earliest entry in a writing contest against the other, later, entries? 

1 deviant said I generally assume it's going to be bad, but give it a chance.
1 deviant said Unless it was submitted really, really early after the prompt, I don't care.
1 deviant said I read contest entries out of order so I don't judge based on this, or some other way of eliminating the bias.
No deviants said I write the earliest entry off completely.
No deviants said I would rank it lower than an equally good fic submitted later.
No deviants said I would rank it higher than an equally good fic submitted later.
No deviants said I generally assume it's going to be slightly better than "last minute" entries.
No deviants said I actually like these because they haven't been influenced by earlier entries.


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I don't think you can do plz icons in shoutboxes dude
Mon Apr 7, 2014, 9:16 PM
....Let's try that again, shall we? :iconfurryhugplz:
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Nyaaaaaaaaa~ :hug:
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Tyra Plamen
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Hi. I write fanfiction, and occasionally paint in Art Academy.

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If I Can Just Hold Out 'Til...

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 10, 2014, 8:45 PM
When I'm having a hard time of things, I play this game with myself called, "if I can just hold out 'til..." 

The idea is this. Maybe I'm having a shitty time of things. Maybe nobody understands me and nobody loves me and I'm going to be working in the same unstable ass temp version of the job I trained for for the rest of my life because you have to have experience to get experience to have experience (yo dawg), and maybe nobody in my family gives two fucks about me except the dogs that are too stupid to keep from getting me in trouble, and maybe I'm a shitty human being who can't keep up on any of the not-even-work things she's responsible for BUT...

If I can just hold out until THIS, then I get to have a little moment of joy.

"THIS" varies. It can be a video game, though less of those because lol money. It can be a movie. It can be a particular episode of a TV show or whatever. It can be a long-awaited fanfic chapter or whatever. The idea is, I can put off/put aside/distract myself from all the stupid Shadow-the-Hedgehog style wangst and self-loathing by fantasizing about whatever. And when the magical day finally comes, I've already replaced it with another "THIS" to hold out until.

Of course, this works better if I have actual shit to look forward to.

I mean, look at my epic meltdown I had back in October, when the much-hyped games I was looking forward to were coming out and I thought I wasn't going to be able to get either. Look at how hard I crashed when I found out that TF4 was a re-cast. And that was when I had actual STUFF happening. 

So here is my "list" for the moment.

  • Grimm episode 62: "The Law of Sacrifice" - Friday</strike>
  • Transformers: Rescue Bots episode 34: "Blame the Gremlins" - Saturday
  • Fargo TV premiere - Tuesday
  • Transformers: Rescue Bots episode 35: "Feed the Beast" - April 19th
  • Grimm episode 63: "Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen" - April 25th 
  • Transformers: Rescue Bots episode 26: "What Lies Below" - April 26th
  • Criminal Minds episode 208: "Fatal" - April 30th
  • Grimm episode 64: "My Fair Wesen" - May 2nd
  • Transformers: Rescue Bots episode 27: "What Rises Above" - May 3rd
  • Criminal MInds episode 209: "Angels" - May 7th
  • Grimm episode 65: "The Inheritance" - May 9th
  • The remaining 15 episodes of Transformers: Rescue Bots Season 2 - Sometime this summer or later
  • Criminal Minds episode 210: "Demons" - May 14th
  • Grimm episode 66: "Blonde Ambition" - May 16th
  • Transformers: Age of Extinction - June 27th (may end up waiting for DVD release on this one for the same reasons as Cap 2 below)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy - August 1st (may end up waiting for DVD)
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier DVD release - September (No way I can see it in theaters as I have no one to go with, and by then it'll all be spoiled, so I don't know why I put it here)
  • Grimm Season 4 and Criminal Minds Season 10: Sometime this fall. Confirmed, but no dates yet. 
  • Transformers Season 3: Eventually. The cast have tweeted from the studio talking about recording, so it will happen.
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron - May 1, 2015
  • Ant Man - July 2015
  • Captain America 3 - May 2016
What I need is things to add to the list and stretch it out as long as possible. Here are things that additions to my list need to adhere to:
  • It has to be a specific thing, with a title or project name or what have you. No "oh I'm sure something great will happen in the future." I've never fucking heard that one before. 
  • If it is a TV show I haven't listed, it must be a series premiere or a reboot or something unless you know I used to watch it
  • If it's a TV show I used to watch, you must be willing to wager something very important to you on whatever caused me to stop watching being resolved and catching up on what I missed being easy. 
  • If a TV show, it must be on a channel I get. Web channels, Netflix/Hulu, and Youtube do not count. Remember, of those, I can only access youtube, and I DON'T have full custody of my Wii.
  • The cost for anything must be one-time and must be the cost of a movie ticket or less. This includes video games. 
  • I shouldn't have to buy a system for a video game. I own a 3DS and an old-fashioned Wii.
  • It must be personally recommended by you or someone whose opinion you value very highly. If you aren't into it, you need to be able to explain why you aren't but I will be.
  • It must have a specific date (as in month and year) attached to its release and be deep enough into production that it coming out is reasonable.
  • If it's a fanfic or fan comic, remember that I'm an English teacher, so um, grammar. Yeah, grammar.
So if you all could help me with that, that'd be great. Thanks. 

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If you really must show me some kind of gratitude, give me a llama, or engage me in conversation about something you like in the same comment you use to thank me. I am here to make friends, not get pageviews!


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